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Power over your future.
Your family’s future.
Creating a plan for generational wealth must align with your values, goals, and unique situation.

At Charles Street Financial we learn who you are, so we can guide you in designing your own lasting legacy.



Financial Planning

Making your money work hard for you is our forte. We’ll help you navigate growth opportunities for your financial freedom and peace of mind.

Wealth Review

By reviewing assets and liabilities, income and expenditures, we are able to develop a sustainable infrastructure for your wealth plan, helping you achieve your goals.



Wealth Management

Charles Street is an independent firm that will choose and monitor investment managers well suited to you and your ambitions.

Risk Mitigation

We assist you with identifying inherent hazards in your life and business, and create personalized plans to mitigate those financial risks.



Corporate Group Benefits

Using industry wide best practices, we build corporate benefit plans tailored to your specific workforce.

Family Enterprise

Aligning you with our partners in legal, accounting, finance, and administration networks, we will facilitate the management of your family enterprise.



Estate Planning

An essential task for any family. Our estate review will guide you through the process and ensure your family wealth is protected and your plans carried out.

Family Succession

Taking care of your family is of paramount importance, and we understand the disagreements that may arise. Our family governance strategies ensure conflicts and disputes are resolved promptly and fairly.  



Philanthropy & Impact Investing

Charles Street believes in giving back, and with access to leading advisors on impact investing and charitable giving, we can help you do the same. Together, we can make a difference.


Becky Allen Client Manager

Noah Brownlee Financial Advisor, Para-Planner

Pat Gaudreault Group Benefits Manager

Josh Hicks Financial Advisor

Debbie James Relationship Manager

Andy Marr Managing Partner

Linda Mason Senior Financial Advisor

Wayne Mason Senior Financial Advisor

Ross McCormack Business Development

Serge Robichaud Financial Advisor

Deborah Van Wart Project Manager

Kristin Walker Client Manager

Bob Wu Financial Advisor

Patrick Edwards Wealth and Estate Planner

Matt Corey Insurance Specialist

David Konning Private Wealth Counselor

Gregg Houser CPA

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